Why Photoshop is like a Carnegie sandwich

Photo Credit - Carnegie Deli: http://carnegiedeli.com
Seriously - GO THERE!

One of my favourite memories of visiting New York back in 2002 is stumbling across Carnegie Deli (on 7th ave). As I walked in the front door the first thing I noticed was every wall jam-packed with photos of celebrities who’ve eaten there. Everything else about the place, the smells, the atmosphere, the food, the…

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When is it ok to shoot in AUTO?


This might sounding like I’m contradicting myself. Especially after what I’ve been talking about this past few days. But there ARE times when it is ok to shoot in an automatic mode. First though, let me just point out that my push to get you shooting in full manual mode applies mainly to landscape photography.…

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How to shoot bracketed exposures


Today I’m continuing the theme from some recent blog posts with a quick tip about bracketing exposures. I haven’t calculated it, but I’d guess that half of the photos I create (and probably half of the full image editing tutorials I produce) involve blending multiple “bracketed” exposures. In simplest terms, this means taking shots of one…

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How to pick the right shutter speed for moving water

This shot uses a much longer exposure time, but because the water is further away it still doesn't seem to capture as much movement and energy

Following this question about capturing moving water and giving it that soft silky look in your images, someone specifically asked me what shutter speed you should use to get the “best” effect. As with most things photography… There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But I do have a basic guideline you can follow. In a nutshell… The longer…

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How to shoot long exposures in full daylight


I wrote this recent post to answer a common question I receive from subscribers, and based on the replies I got it seemed to go down quite well. So to piggyback on that, here’s another question I get every once in a while: “How can I get that blurry water effect in the daytime?” Which is…

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Is this standing between you and your best shot?


Have you ever been about to shoot a landscape, patiently awaiting that fleeting moment of perfect light… The moment arrives, you take your first shot then you take a quick look at the back of your camera at what you hope will be “the money shot”… Only to find it’s turned out overexposed? So you…

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How to Take Control of Your Exposures Using “Exposure Compensation”


Digital cameras are incredible devices, able to see and capture things that even the human eye can’t distinguish. On the other hand, our eyes work fluidly and seemingly automatically, while cameras tend to need a bit more instruction about exactly how to function. Once we moved into the digital age, the traditional “aperture and shutter…

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How to Easily Fix Colour Fringing In Photoshop


Modern lenses are incredibly powerful tools, masterpieces of optical manufacturing. Despite incredible amount of care that goes into their construction, they’re not always perfect. Like most things in life, when it comes to lenses, the best quality optics are almost universally very expensive, but even the top-of-the-line lenses that cost several thousand dollars can still…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Colour Profiles in Photoshop

While this is a beginner’s guide, it might get a bit technical at times, so you’ll have to forgive us for that. Colour profiles are a fairly technical subject and there’s no real way around that, but we’ll do our best to make it as simple and practical as possible, while still giving you a…

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3 Things You Need to Know About Shooting RAW


There are almost as many different ways of creating image files as there are different styles of photography, but in almost every case the JPEG format is king. Most of the files you see or share online are stored in the JPEG format, and it strikes great balance of small file size and high quality…

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