Photoshop Image Blending Tutorial

Hey, how’s it going? Here’s a video which I first posted on youtube a while ago, but never got around to linking it from the blog. So here it is; a Photoshop image blending tutorial which uses layers and masks: Transcript Steve: Hey, how is it going? Steve here. In the previous video, I’ve introduced […]

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How to save JPEGs in sRGB from Photoshop and Lightroom

Here’s a quick video I just recorded which shows you where the options are in Photoshop and Lightroom so that you can pick the correct colour space when saving your images for sharing online. It’s a short video and a quick how-to, but it’s REALLY important to get it right if you want your shot’s to […]

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to selectively boost vibrance and saturation

Hey, how’s it going? Time for another quick video tutorial, this time I’m showing you a quick and easy way to make a slightly more accurate selection inside a layer mask so that you can selectively increase/boost vibrance in a shot. The important thing about this technique is that it’s a layer masking technique – which […]

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How to boost colours in Photoshop

There are countless methods for increasing and boosting colours in an image using Photoshop. In this video I show you two. The first is my go-to method which I use on virtually all my photos, the second is one which can be used in a more “creative” manner. Check ’em out both out here:     Transcript […]

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Tutorial: An easy way to brighten shadows in Photoshop CC

This is an easy way to brighten dark shadows in your landscape photos using Photoshop CC. One of the best features of the newer versions of Photoshop is the Camera RAW filter, and this is what we are using today in this example.   Transcripts Steve here from post-processing mastery and in this Photoshop tutorial am […]

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How to fix colors using a Photoshop Curves adjustment layer

In this quick Photoshop tutorial I’m showing you how to fix colours in a photo using a few easy tweaks of the curves adjustment layer. You can use this technique to fix all kinds of colour or white balance problems in your landscapes. In this example, I also show how to “put back” some of […]

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17 Mistakes Other Photographers Have Made So You Don’t Have To

I ran a post in my Facebook group (click here to join!) asking members to share their biggest photography mistakes. There were heaps of replies, some sad, some funny, and some frightening! So I have collected all that data and turned it into something positive that we can all learn from. You can click here to read everybody’s original replies […]

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How to use Smart Objects in Photoshop: The Basics

Here’s a quick introduction to smart objects in Photoshop. It’s another clip taken from my upcoming Photoshop 101 Video Course and it shows you the basics of what a smart object is as well as a couple of the main benefits of using one. Smart objects help us keep to as much of a non […]

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How to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop (Video Tutorial)

In this latest tutorial I’m going to show you the basics of how to use the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop. Then after that you’ll find out how to use those basics to start making subtle changes to your landscape photos that can help guide and direct your viewers eye to where you want […]

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Video Tutorial: How to use the crop tool to make your image composition better

Here’s another new Photoshop video tutorial showing how to use the crop tool and the various different guides hidden within it to create a better composition in your photo. This feature of the crop tool remained hidden to me for quite some time, but now I know it’s there it’s become really useful. Here’s the video, let […]

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