How To Shoot A Sunrise Or Sunset Without Blowing Out Your Sky

Are you fed up of seeing a wonderfully bright and colourful sunrise or sunset in front of you, but when you click the shutter and look on the back of your camera either the sky is completely white, or the foreground is so dark it’s virtually black? Well if so, then worry no longer! I’m…

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How To Shoot 2 Exposures For Blending In Photoshop

Sometimes when you’re out on a shoot, no matter what you do you just won’t be able to get the shot you need in one single exposure. When there are dark shadows and bright highlights all in the same scene it can often be outside your camera’s limitations to capture it all in one shot.…

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What Is A Grad Filter And When Do You Need One?

Let’s get straight down to business. Put in it’s simplest terms, you can think of a grad filter for your lens as you would think of a pair of sunglasses for your eyes. The only difference being that a grad filter is darker at the top and clear at the bottom, rather than the same…

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The “Camera Doesn’t Lie” Myth

The idea that “the camera doesn’t lie” comes in many disguises and I’m betting that you’ve heard it in one form or another. Well, I’m about to unravel this horrible idea and give you the only piece of evidence you will ever need to be able to disprove anyone who tries to peddle you this…

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How To Make Your First Long Exposure Photo

Long Exposure

If you’ve recently bought your first DSLR camera or just haven’t gotten around to exploring all the features of it, try this simple technique to create some photos with a real wow-factor and get your creative juices flowing. When I first realised the awesome effects that could be created in a still image using just…

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