There are countless methods for increasing and boosting colours in an image using Photoshop.

In this video I show you two. The first is my go-to method which I use on virtually all my photos, the second is one which can be used in a more “creative” manner.

Check ’em out both out here:




Hey Steve here, from Post processing Mastery. Here we are gonna show you a couple of quick and easy ways to boost the colour in your images. So we are working on the same images, which we left off within the last video and so at the moment it’s quite low in contrast. We’ve just taken the RAW file and increased the shadow brightness to get to where we are now. 

Method 1 – Levels Adjustment

And so the first way that I would use to boost colours in an image is simply by adding contrast, using the Levels Adjustment. So the method is basically, just to add a levels adjustment. See, we have these three control points along the bottom of the histogram in this panel here (black, mid tones and white).


Figure – 1: Levels Adjustment

I am gonna move this middle one (mid tone) up towards the right and as you see I do that, it darkens the image a bit. I am gonna take this one on the right hand side (White) and move it towards the left; and just concentrating on the foreground especially at the moment, because obviously the sky is blowing out now –  too contrasting there, just taking it off. So toggling it off and on again you can see, the boost in contrast has actually bought these colours out and made them really quite pleasing. If I was doing this for real editing this image, I would basically make an adjustment like this to increase the contrast, around the foreground here and then using a gradient into the layer mask, for this adjustment layer. I have already got it selected here, got a gradient with black and white or white foreground black background selected. I would just draw a quick gradient up there just to recover or mask out this effect from top corner of the sky up there.

You could use a brush and probably be a little bit more accurate as well. If you wanted to be really accurate, you could use luminosity masks. Yeah that’s that’s the first method really of boosting colors, doing it in a way that achieving the colours as a side effect of increasing contrast.


Method 2 – Selective Colour Adjustment

The the next way that I will show you is going to be a way in which you can pick certain colour and then just change the properties of that colour. I’m gonna do that by adding a Selective Colour Adjustment, so I’ll do that now.

We see now, this drop down here; we can pick a particular colour within the image. Let’s go with the blues and we can affect how much Cyan Magenta and Yellow is in the Blues within the image.


Figure – 2: Selective Colour Adjustment

So I’ll just play with a couple of these sliders and see the effect that it gives us. So let’s see here, as I remove the yellow; so that the Blues in the shot have actually got some yellow in there, and you can just see some subtle brightening and blue-ing of the water here. Also let’s just have a look at magenta, what happens if we put a bit of magenta into the Blues here; that’s changing the colour quite significantly. But you know this depends on kind of personal taste really. We can remove the magenta, and it goes, umm not sure if I like that, what ever that effect is, think it was a bit more magenta. And here we go, you can see that’s only affecting the Blues within the image because that’s what we have got selected in the drop down here.

So that’s the two techniques I wanted to show you in this video. You should probably take a bit more time than I have here, just in this demonstration, just to really hone those colours in, and make your images the best they can be. I kind of just rushed through really, just to show you the nuts and bolts of the techniques.


Figure – 3: Before & After

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