If you use an ND filter on your lens then you’re most likely seeing a colour cast in your shots.

If you’re not seeing it, it’s probably still there but you just aren’t noticing it… Unless you have some really expensive filters 🙂

Filters tend to either warm or cool your shot, and the darker your filter, the more you’re going to see it.

This is a well known problem amongst folks who use the now-popular “Big Stopper” (10-stop) filters. But even if you’re using just a 2-stop filter, or a polariser, you still may be suffering from this discolouration.

But here’s the good news…

I’m about to show you how you can get rid of the colour cast from any ND filter, in Photoshop, using just one Curves adjustment layer… And the results are going to look awesome 🙂

Just hit PLAY on the video below and all will be revealed…



Here’s a link to Sonia’s Facebook page which I mentioned in the video – click here to go say hi on her Facebook page and take a look at some of her amazing long exposures using the big stopper filters.