Here’s something that used to have me perplexed…

You spend time in Photoshop perfecting a shot on your computer only to come back to it the next day and it looks different.

Brighter, darker, colours look different somehow.

Like I said, it had me perplexed for ages.

Until one day someone sent me one of those random viral optical-illusion pictures on Facebook.

Here’s an example I just made in Photoshop so you can see what I mean:

optical illusion


Alternate between looking at the small square on the left – then the one on the right – then back and forth a few times.

The one on the right looks grey, no? And the one on the left is a purpley-blue?

Actually both of the small inner squares are the exact same colour – they just look different when viewed against different backgrounds…

So imagine what might be “tricking” your eyes when you sit down to process a photo!

But fear ye not…

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to rule out as much of this funny colour business as possible next time you fire up Photoshop:

  1. Is there any glare coming from a window or other light source shining on your screen?
  2. Is there a light on in the room? What “colour temperature” is that light? (warm/cool)
  3. Is it sunny outside or cloudy? Different conditions will cast a different colour light on your screen.
  4. Are there any objects in your room that is casting a strong colour? (A huge dark red wall will reflect red across the whole room for example)
  5. Is your monitor the brightest object within your field of view?

Fact is, our eyes can be tricked into seeing colour differently under different conditions.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Just do your best to edit in consistent, neutral conditions by ruling out any strong colour influences in your room.

And once you’ve ruled out all external influences on how your photos turn out, everything then comes down to how consistent your own Photoshop work is.

But what’s the “secret” to getting consistently great results when editing your photos?

It’s all in your workflow.

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